TES Volume 4, Number 2, 2005

Special issue: “Power, Development and Environment”
Table of contents:
1. Power, Development and Environment: An Introduction
Søren Lund and Christian Lund
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2. Power in Practice: A Force Field Approach to Natural Resource Management
Monique Nuijten
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3. The Power to Change: Rebuilding Sustainable Livelihoods in North-East Thailand
Michael J.G. Parnwell
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4. Pak Dusa’s Law: Thoughts on Law, Legal Knowledge and Power
Franz von Benda-Beckmann
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5. The State and the Conservation-development Nexus in Southern Africa
Bram Büscher and Ton Dietz
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6. Politics of Participatory Forest Conservation: Cases from the
East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania
Heini Vihemäki
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