TES Volume 17, Number 1, 2019

Table of contents:
1. Editorial: Reconciliation, Welcoming of the Wild, and the Desire to Turn Back Time
Erica von Essen and Hans Peter Hansen
View PDF pp. 1-4

2. (Dis)Embedding the Wind – on People-Climate Reconciliation in Danish Wind Power Planning
Laura Tolnov Clausen and David Rudolph
View PDF pp. 5-21

3. The Practice of Hunting as a Way to Transcend Alienation from Nature
Lara Tickle
View PDF pp. 22-37

4. The Compromises of Rewilding in Swedish Laponia:Implications for Nature Reconciliation
Julia Rouet Leduc and Erica von Essen
View PDF pp. 38-54

5. Political Deliberation and Compromise:Why People-Nature Reconciliation Must Be about People-People Reconciliation
Erica von Essen and Michael Allen
View PDF pp. 55-66