TES Volume 12, Number 2, 2013

Table of contents:
1. Editorial
Henning Schroll, Bente Kjærgård and Kristian Syberg
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2. Different Ways to Decrease Vulnerability to Increased Climate Variability and Extremes
Mogens Buch-Hansen
View PDF pp. 2-15

3.Villagers’ Perceptions of Water Crises and the Influencing Factors of Local Perceptions: A Case Study in the Shiyangriver Basin, Northwest China
Haiyan Yu, Anna Lora-Wainwright, Mike Edmunds and Dave Thomas
View PDF pp. 16-36

4. Public Archives and other Sources for Surveying of Dumpsites and Polluting Enterprises before 1950
Anne-Sofie Fleischer Michaelsen
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