TES Volume 10, Number 1, 2011

Table of contents:
1. Editorial
Paul Thorn
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2. University Culture – Quo Vadis?
Prospects of Environmental Science–Policy Interface up to 2020

Petri Tapio, Johanna Kohl, Sarianne Tikkanen and Sofi Salonen
View PDF pp. 2-15

3. Perspectives in the Limnology of Shallow Tropical African Reservoirs in Relation to Their Fish and Fisheries
M. K. Mustapha
View PDF pp. 16-23

4. Small Scale Biomass CHP Projects– Improving the Framework Conditions for CDM in Thailand
Rikke Lybæk, Jan Andersen, Ole Erik Hansen and Tyge Kjær
View PDF pp, 24-44

5. Wind Power Generation in Germany– a transdisciplinary view on the innovation biography
Elke Bruns and Dörte Ohlhorst
View PDF pp. 45-67

6. Inseparability of Water and Energy
Paul Thorn, Henning Schroll and Bente Kjærgård
View PDF pp. 67-70